Business and Educational Tours

At LSET London, we enrich the academic experience of our participants by integrating bespoke educational and leisure tours into our diverse range of short courses. These specially designed tours offer an immersive exploration of England’s historical depth and its dynamic present, complementing the classroom learning with real-world insights.

Educational and Leisure Tours: A Core Component

Our tours are thoughtfully curated to provide a balanced educational experience, offering insights into both the historical significance and contemporary relevance of locations visited. Whether you are participating in a course focused on business, management, data science, finance, or cultural studies, these tours are designed to enhance your understanding and appreciation of the subject matter in a real-world context.

Discovering UK’s Rich Heritage and Vibrant Culture

Participants will have the opportunity to discover England through various lenses, experiencing its rich cultural heritage, innovative business districts, and prestigious academic institutions. Our tours are not one-size-fits-all; instead, they are tailored to complement the specific themes and objectives of each course, ensuring a relevant and enriching experience for all.

Inclusive and Accessible

Included within the course fees, these tours require no additional charges, ensuring all participants can partake without concern for extra costs. From historical landmarks and museums to modern business hubs and vibrant cultural scenes, each tour is designed to provide a comprehensive view of the UK’s diverse offerings.

Group Travel for Enhanced Learning

Conducted as group travels, these tours also serve as a platform for participants to network, share perspectives, and build lasting connections with peers from around the world. This collective experience fosters a sense of community and enhances the learning experience through shared discovery and discussion.


  • London Exploration: Delve into the heart of the UK’s capital, experiencing its iconic landmarks, museums, and cultural hotspots.
  • University Towns and Shopping: Visit renowned university towns like Oxford and Cambridge, blending academic inspiration with leisure activities.
  • London’s Financial Hub: Gain insights into the financial sector with tours of significant business districts and institutions.
  • Helicopter Tours: For an unparalleled view of London, helicopter tours offer breathtaking aerial perspectives of the city’s landmarks.

For more detailed information about the educational and leisure tours integrated into our short courses, we encourage you to visit our Short Courses pages. At LSET London, we are committed to providing a holistic educational journey, leveraging the rich cultural and professional landscapes of the UK to enhance the academic experience. Join us to expand your horizons beyond the classroom in an immersive, engaging learning adventure.