Innovative Business Leadership Programme

Innovative Business Leadership Programme One week Course

The programme incorporates weekends dedicated to cultural immersion and networking activities, designed to enrich participants' understanding of global leadership contexts. These include visits to historical sites and modern innovation hubs, providing a well-rounded perspective on leadership's role in shaping the future of businesses worldwide, particularly resonating with those looking to make impactful contributions in dynamic markets like those found in many parts of the world, including regions undergoing rapid development and transformation.

Week 1:

Introduction to Innovative Business Leadership Programme

Day 1: Foundations of Leadership

  • Introduction to Leadership Challenges and Opportunities
  • Comparative Analysis of Leadership Styles

Day 2: Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation

  • Cultivating an Entrepreneurial Mindset for Innovation
  • Case Studies of Successful Innovations

Day 3: Resilient and Sustainable Leadership

  • Building Emotional Intelligence for Resilient Leadership
  • Integrating Social and Environmental Considerations into Strategy

Day 4: Cross-Cultural Team Building

  • Techniques for Managing Diverse Teams
  • Enhancing Collaboration Across Cultures

Day 5: Ethical Leadership and Future Trends

  • Ethical Leadership in a Global Context
  • Leading Digital Transformation
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Future Trends in Leadership

London Exploration Weekend:

Weekend: Saturday
  • Morning: Start your London adventure with a hearty breakfast at your accommodation.
  • 10:00 AM: Visit the iconic British Museum to explore history and culture from around the world.
  • 1:00 PM: Enjoy lunch at a nearby café.
  • Afternoon: Take a leisurely stroll through the bustling streets of Covent Garden, known for street performances, shopping, and artisanal treats.
  • 4:00 PM: Visit Westminster Abbey to admire its stunning Gothic architecture.
  • Evening: Have dinner at a traditional British pub to savour classic dishes like fish and chips or a hearty pie.
Weekend: Sunday
  • Morning: Enjoy breakfast and then explore the legendary Tower of London, home to the Crown Jewels and centuries of history.
  • 1:00 PM: Have lunch by the picturesque Tower Bridge.
  • Afternoon: Visit the vibrant neighbourhood of Shoreditch, known for street art, boutiques, and cool vibes.
  • 4:00 PM: Take a relaxing boat ride along the River Thames, offering stunning views of London landmarks.
  • Evening: Experience London's diverse culinary scene with dinner at a restaurant of your choice.

LSET London is rated as Excellent

  • 1000+ Students Empowered
  • Course Duration: 1 week
  • Format: On Campus
  • Awarded by LSET London, Accredited by nationally recognised Accreditation body in the UK
  • Start Dates Every month
  • Delivered by renowned faculty members
  • LSET Alumni status

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