At LSET London, situated in the vibrant area of Hayes, West London, we understand that finding the right accommodation is crucial to your study experience. We strive to offer accommodation options that cater to the diverse needs and preferences of our students, ensuring your stay is both comfortable and convenient.

Accommodation Options

We have established partnerships with a variety of accommodation providers, offering a range of options from elegant boutique hotels to serviced apartments equipped with modern amenities. Whether you prefer the independence of a serviced apartment or the comfort of a hotel, we can arrange accommodation tailored to your requirements.

Types of Accommodation

  • Single Units: For those who value privacy, single units are available, providing a quiet space to relax and study.
  • Shared Units: Ideal for students looking to engage with peers, shared units offer the opportunity to live and learn together.
  • Self-Catering Facilities: Many accommodations feature self-catering facilities, allowing you to prepare your own meals at your convenience.
  • In-Room Dining: Should you wish for the added convenience, in-room dining options are available for dinner at an additional cost.
  • Complementary Lunch: During training sessions, we provide complementary sandwiches and snacks, ensuring you stay fuelled and focused.

Booking and Rates

Accommodations can be booked in advance, subject to availability. We also offer discounted rates at many hotels, making it easier for you to find a comfortable stay within your budget. Full details of the amenities and services included with your accommodation will be provided in your admission confirmation letter from LSET.

Choosing the right accommodation can greatly enhance your study experience at LSET London. We are committed to ensuring you find a place that feels like home, providing a supportive and comfortable environment throughout your course.