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LSET offers short-term training programmes in a variety of disciplines and it is accredited by the British Accreditation Council for Further and Higher Education as a short-term course provider.

London School of Executive Training (LSET) is a dynamic institution located in the heart of London. LSET offers short term training programmes in a variety of disciplines and It is Accredited by the British Accreditation Council for Further and Higher Education as a short term course provider. British Accreditation Council is a nationally recognised Accreditation body in the United Kingdom. 

LSET has been operating since 2013 and it is keen to drive global transformation by offering highly specialised short term courses to the variety of audiences including Students, Business Leaders, Bureaucrats, Politicians, Lawyers, Law Interns, Bankers, Trainee Students – Law, Management and Hospitality sectors, Faculties and other professionals. 

Participants are advised to check with the LSET administration about their chosen programme since these may not be available in each term. Programme duration ranges between one week to four weeks depending upon the nature of the programme and its participants, although some programmes may last for up to 6 months duration.

Our Features

International faculty

Programmes offered by LSET are either held at Hamilton House or at the partner University campuses managed by the world-renowned faculty draw together insights from their ground-breaking research, as well as their wealth of business and management expertise gained through advising top global companies.

Enhanced business performance

Founded on cutting-edge thinking and the latest business practice, our programmes are designed to empower professionals to meet their individual and organisational challenges - now and in the future.

A world class classroom perspective

Research, Learn, network and exchange best practice with executives from various countries, professions and industries. Our courses are designed to provide the perfect environment for challenging assumptions and developing exciting ideas.

Flexible learning solutions

Our wide range of five day to four-week open enrolment programmes will cover Management, Finance, Human Recourses, Strategic Leadership Marketing, Diplomacy, International Relations, Corporate Governance, Law and many more. In addition, we are also keen to focus on bespoke training solutions designed to match the strategic challenges of individuals, organisations and various institutions.

At the heart of the world financial capital

London is not just an international centre of business and finance; it's also one of the most exciting and stimulating cities to learn and network.

More than 25 Years
of Experience

We work with ambitious leaders who want their future to be successful and help them achieve extraordinary outcomes.


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