London School of Executive Training
Admissions Policy
There are no formal educational prerequisites; fluency in written and spoken English is required in order for participants to keep pace with assignments and classroom discussions. Admission will be offered on first come first serve basis however, It would not be an open admission rather participants need to demonstrate their professional achievements and financial means to justify their enrolment in the programme.
Fees Payment Policy
Participants/Trainees can pay their tuition fees either by a direct bank transfer, bank draft or cheque made payable to London School of Executive Training Limited only. Fees can also be paid via online through the institute website. Prospective applicants are advised not to pay fees in the local currency to any individual or organisations rather such fees must be paid directly to the institution.

Executives/Participants/Trainees are required to pay the tuition fees prior to the enrolment on the programme. Upon the receipt of all appropriate fees the admission office will send all necessary documents to help support the individual visa applications.

Fees paid are fully refundable (less £100 application fees) if the applicant is unable to complete the visa formalities for whatever reason. The policy on cancellations and deferrals are specified separately.
Cancellations or Deferrals
If you need to cancel or defer participation, you must submit your request in writing at least 21 days prior to the programme start date. Due to the programme demand and the volume of pre-programme preparations, cancellations or deferrals received 7 to 21 days before the programme start date are subject to a fee of one-half of the programme fee. Requests received within 7 days of the programme start date are subject to full payment of the programme fee.
Equal Opportunities Policy
London School of Executive Training consistently promotes equal opportunities and does not discriminate against any person on the basis of age, sex, race, ethnic group or disability.

This means that in the recruitment, selection, education and assessment of Executives, and in the recruitment, selection, training, appraisal, development and promotion of staff, the only consideration must be that the individual meets, or is likely to meet the requirements of the programme or course or those specified in the job description. 

We aim to provide a learning, working and social environment in which the rights and dignity of all members of our small community are respected, and which is free from discrimination, prejudice, intimidation and all forms of harassment including bullying. 

We do aim to support Executives who have special needs within our available resources.
Data Protection Policy
London School of Executive Training collects, holds and processes information about employees, Executives, and other data subjects for academic and administrative purposes.  When handling such information, the institution, and all staff or others who process or use any personal information, must comply with the principles set out in the UK Federal Act on Data Protection.  

This means that the institution  must:
  • Manage and process personal data properly and lawfully. 
  • Ensure that the information collected is accurate, up to date and adequate, relevant and not excessive for the purpose.
  • Protect the individual's rights to privacy. 
  • Provide an individual with access to all personal information held on them, on request.
  • Observe its legal responsibility to comply with the Act. This is the responsibility of the Registrar.
Make sure that every member of staff who holds information about identifiable living individuals complies with the Data Protection Procedures in managing that information. Individuals can be liable for breaches of the Act.
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