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Delegates attending the executive programmes will have confirmed accommodation booked in advance and the prices are included in the fees. There are different types of accommodation units, which are available for our participants; these include hotel accommodation as well as shares accommodation in apartments.

Airport Pick Up

There are provisions to arrange the airport pick up however this needs to be booked in advance. There may be additional charges applicable for the airport pick up. Most delegates use public transport such as the London underground which is highly time effective.

Transport Services / Sight Seeing

Touring in and around London is also integrated in the programme. For full details please refer to the itinerary and the programme sheet which are served to all the participants in advance. It is a group travel where participants have the privilege to use the free transport facilities which also include tickets for specific venues.

London Business and Educational Tours

London is the capital of the business world and many people aspire to see the city. We will provide our trainees the opportunity to visit some of London's oldest financial institutions along with the new kids on the block. Our range of visits covers most aspects including marketing, operations management, people and finance.

Laptop / Wi-Fi and Secretarial Services

It is recommended that participants should carry laptops however there will be option to borough laptops for the duration of the training. Free Wi Fi is provided at all times. Participants may pre book additional secretarial services to facilitate their ongoing business needs at an extra cost.