London School of Executive Training
What services does the school offer?
LSET offers Executive Training Programmes to the individuals, companies and governmental departments by the mixture of effective techniques. It also offers bespoke development workshops in a range of people management skills and personal effectiveness.

The school also offers Summer Training Programmes to the variety of audiences including offering the Course Accreditation, In-House Training Programme and Student Certification. Participants can either attend the training at LSET premises or at the partner university premises at one of the accredited partner centres abroad.
What programmes/modules are on offer?
Please visit the programme sheet for full details, or go to the Course section.
What does the fee cover?
Until unless stated the fees charged are for tuition only. The tuition fees include the cost of the study materials, training and award of the certification. Sometimes the school offers a packaged price, which can include tuition fees, accommodation fees, travel, London Tour as well as the cost of the award ceremony certification and photographs. Often helicopters tours are also planned for senior executives.

The tuition fees for Custom Programmes may vary depending upon the scope and depth of the required programme objectives.
How can the Executive training be used in the corporate environment?
It can be used in a wide range of ways such as.

Leadership – supporting the top team in improving their effectiveness in communicating vision, providing direction, motivating and inspiring – particularly important in times of change.

Management – managing the performance of people and delivery.

Team effectiveness – agreeing a common culture, aligning goals and reviewing working practices and outputs

Individuals – supporting improved performance in identified areas of competence – for example confidence, delegating, problem solving, time management.

Promotion – support to those in new roles to gain benefits of accelerated performance and earlier contribution

Resolving conflict – a neutral facilitator to mediate in corporate relationship and communications issues

Retirement and redundancy – supporting individuals in preparing for major life changes
How will Executive contribute to my business success and profitability?
Dependent on the focus of the training, an organisation can benefit from:

• Improved leadership and direction and communication
• A more goal-orientated organisational culture
• More effective motivation and management of teams

Better business performance driven by increased effectiveness of individuals and teams who are An organisation where each person’s potential to contribute to their role and team has been explored and maximised is one where peak performance is highly likely to be observed. Individual competence impacts on team performance which in turn contributes to an organisation’s capability to achieve business objectives. The results depend on the extent and nature of the programme.
How can I secure my place?
Participants are required to submit a short statement of purpose and CV for the initial assessment. These documents can either be mailed at info@lset, or submitted online through the LSET website. If required LSET can ask for secondary evidences otherwise generally the school proceeds to issue invitation letters confirming the reservation of the place on the programme.
Who will award the certification?
LSET can award self certification and issue certificates to the potential trainees; however in some cases the partner university awards the certification upon the completion of the training programmes. Full details of the itinerary along with other relevant information is served to all applicants well in advance, which details the programmes on offer, its duration, contents, awarding institution, conditions of entry, details of the accommodation, fees etc.
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