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Our Courses
In an increasingly competitive and volatile world, the advantage any organisation has is the people who can adapt and drive forward change. Our collaboratively designed learning solutions provide global organisations with a dynamic way to address their business challenges.

The following course topics are offered by the London School of Executive Training.

• Leadership Management • Human Resource Management • Corporate Governance • International Relations • International Marketing • Financial Management • Commercial Law & Business Law • Teachers Training • Civil Services Training • Disaster Management • Corporate Banking • Media Training Programme

The followings are some of the specific topics on offer.

1. Whether banking regulations in the UK may be regarded as a model for other countries2. Leadership and Management of Businesses, including legal issues therein3. Controlling Multinational Enterprises in the Developing World4. Factors required for strengthening a stock exchange5. Human rights in businesses6. Corporate Governance as a means of combating corruption7. Ethics in International Business8. How to tackle judicial risks?9. Operational Risk Management in the banking sector10. What is Economic Diplomacy all about?

Custom Programmes

London School of Executive Training intends to work closely with selected global companies to develop strategic solutions to their business challenges. Our future partnerships will characterized by collaboration between our faculty and senior executives to assure relevance and maximum impact. Programmes include a combination of highly interactive classroom sessions, case discussions, small group exercises, electronically mediated tools and intensive study groups to encourage participants to think strategically and effectively manage change in their organisations.

Duration and Tuition Fees

London School of Executive Training generally offers programmes ranging from one week to four weeks duration although some programmes may require longer duration. The tuition fees is flexible depending upon the nature and duration of the training programmes offered. Participants may be required to travel to London to attend most of the training programmes however, a few of these programmes can be offered in country, which can be much cheaper for participants.

The detailed information is available in the programme sheets for individual programmes, which may include programme contents, awarding institution, duration, fees, conditions of entry etc. The tuition fees for custom programmes may vary depending upon the scope and depth of the required programme objectives.

Award of Certifications and Mode of Delivery:
Programmes are generally divided into two parts:

• Attending the Course/Topic at a particular venue
• Participating in a Tour programme including industry meetings

Once the above requirements are completed, participants are invited to the closing ceremonies, which can take place either at the university premises or at high profile places subject to the availability of the venue. Participants will benefit from the presence of some local prominent business dignitaries. Generally after the closing ceremony the course attendance certificates are issued to the participants by the respective university or the course awarding organisation. Full details of the itinerary along with other relevant information is served to the applicants well in advance, which details the programmes on offer, its duration, contents, course awarding institution, conditions of entry, details of the accommodation, fees etc.
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